How to import goods from Poland through a Polish freight forwarder?

Language barrier can be really detrimental to international trade. 
Luckily, you have a team of English-speaking professionals at your disposal. We are a freight forwarding company in Poland. We have been shipping air and sea cargo to America for 30 years. We can help you go through the transport and clearance process easily. We have our own warehouses in Poland and the United States. We can arrange for your cargo to be picked up from anywhere in Poland, and then transfered to our facility in Warsaw for further shipping. We can also assist you with contacts with your Polish trading partners. We have our own in-house customs brokerage firm in Poland, as well as partner brokers in the USA, so you should not experience any delays related to customs matters. 

What can I import from Poland?

First and foremost, Poland is known for exporting cheap furniture and household appliances. These include windows, doors, gates, tiles, wooden boards, faucets, sinks, showers, toilets, cobblestone, floor, blinds and roller-blinds.

If you are interested in importing furniture from Poland or products of any other kind, please, send us a message and we might be able to help you find the supplier. 

How can I find a supplier in Poland?

As mentioned before, language barrier makes it much harder to find business partners abroad. We promise to help you as best, as we can, to find manufacturers and sellers in Poland. As a long standing international shipping company, we have many partners in Poland. Also, living there makes it much easier to know where to find what you are looking for.

If you are interested, please send us a message and we will see, what we can do to assist you.

What VAT rate has to be paid when importing from Poland?

The VAT rate for the sale of products intended for export is 0%. This also includes the provision of other export services, such as shipping and customs clearance. However, some suppliers will issue invoices with a regular 23% VAT rate or have you pay a bond, in case the export did not got through or they did not receive the IE599 document. IE599 is a Polish electronic customs document which certfies that the goods for which an export declaration (IE529, EX-1, EU-A, SAD) was made, have left the European Union and, thus, the export customs procedure has been finalized. The export declaration is not in itself sufficient to prove that the cargo has been shipped out of the EU. 

If there is no IE599 for the goods sold, 0% VAT rate becomes invalid and the seller has to pay the full rate to the tax office. Luckily, our customs brokers take care of the customs side of the export process. When the container is confirmed to have left the EU, we receive the IE599 message and provide it to the seller.

Who is responsible for the export customs clearance in Poland?

Basically, it is the exporter residing in or being a registered company in Poland or any other EU Member State. Please, note that for the application of the 0% VAT rate, it is not necessary for the exporting party to be the seller. It could be you (if you have a residence in Poland) or an intermediary. In such cases, we are talking about indirect export but the export confirmation obtained through it is still valid for the ultimate supplier’s accounting purposes.

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